Anna Galanou

photo: Giannis Amygdalos

καλώς ήλθατε στην

Ένωση Φωτογράφων

& Βιντεογράφων Γάμου Ελλάδας

Petros Sousamlis

photo: Petros Sousamlis

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photo: Nikos Zois


photo: Sotiris Bouris

Kostas Dimakopoulos

photo: Kostas Dimakopoulos

Dimitris Stenidis

photo: Dimitris Stenidis

Dimitris Dimos

photo: Dimitris Dimos

Babis Tsoukias

photo: Babis Tsoukias

Sakis Androutsopoulos

photo: Anna Galanou

Monika Kritikou
Wedding Photography | Floulis Photography


to the Greek Association of Wedding Photographers & Videographers

Finding the right photographer and videographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your wedding day.

The Greek Association of Wedding Photographers & Videographers makes this procedure as pleasant and fascinating, just as fun and interesting as searching for your wedding dress, your shoes and the party venue.

Choose the area on the map where your wedding is taking place and that’s it! You can find the artist you want.

Your best friend

The professional you will choose for your wedding day will surely become your best friend (for that day at least).
Choose the one that best suits your style and the results you would like. Learn more about him, talk to him, see his work, get to know him closely.

Some of our members for this week:

Ioannis Tzanakis

Yiannis Tzanakis is a graduate of Technical University of Athens and the department of photography and media.…

Prokopis Manousopoulos
Manousopoulos Photography

Photography for me maybe it is the only process that mobilizes at once the body ,mind and…