Who we are


Organizing your wedding is all about choices. A successful wedding, is all about making the right ones. One of the most important ones you need to make for your “big” day, is the choice of photographer and videographer so dont leave it to chance!

The Greek Association of Wedding Photographers and Videographers is a group of artists who love and specialize in wedding photography and videography in Greece.

All our members, are professionals who meet all legal requirements and standards in order to provide their services.

With passion, excitement, a fresh look and profound aesthetics as well as deep knowledge and technical competence, our group will capture your wedding day in a unique and unforgettable way, no question about it.
Through our site, you have the opportunity to see the work of remarkable artists, get in touch with people who will understand your needs and from whom you will be able to choose the photographer and videographer who is the right for you.