How to Choose a Makeup Artist for your wedding day

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Magnetizing the attention of your guests and your loved ones with a makeup that will perfectly fit to your personality, the style of the wedding and your wedding dress, is what you are aiming for on such an important day in your life. A makeup with no exaggerations that will remain impeccable and durable, even after many hours under the spotlight and that will make you feel confident and full of glow on the happiest day of your life must be what you are looking for!!

But which professional makeup artist will live up to your expectations and needs? How will you be able to choose properly?

Well there are some tips to take the stress off and help you make the right choice. First, ask your friends, people you know or even your hair stylist and your photographer to suggest you a professional makeup artist that they have worked with and liked their work and personality. An excellent source of information is also the Internet. Contact the makeup artist and inform her about the date and time of your wedding. If she is available on that day, ask her to show you her bridal makeup portfolio and if you like it, arrange a bridal makeup test. Do not hesitate to ask how much it will cost you, which products will be used and how much time will be needed. Any questions you have should be answered before hand to avoid surprises.

When you meet and during the test talk about your dress, describe it in full detail or even better, show her pictures of your dress, talk about the hairstyle you will have, the decoration and the overall style of your wedding. Your makeup should blend in with harmony and elegance. Describe how you imagine yourself on that day so she makes up half of your face in this way and for the other half let her work on her ideas and suggestions. So in this way, you will have to choose among two or more alternative styles which one is best for you.

At the test, we advise you to bring along a friend you trust her opinion. Sometimes a second opinion is needed. Finally if you are not satisfied, don’t hesitate to arrange a bridal makeup trial with a second professional. It may cost you a little more, but at the end of the day, you want to have best result for such an important day of your life, so why settle for less?