In the the Greek Association of Wedding Photographers & Videographers we base our success on trust, honesty and integrity, and we support the highest ethical standards both in providing services to our customers and all our activities.

All members have to comply with the CODE OF CONDUCT, which provides as follows:

(01) We exercise our duties with honesty, integrity and honesty.
(02) We obey the laws for the protection of copyright and moral rights of other creators.
(03) We maintain the high quality of services.
(04) We reach the highest level of service to our clients in order to improve the standards of “wedding photography”.
(05) We do not participate in acts that would disparage not only our Association but also our profession itself.
(06) We promote the “fair competition” based on qualification and value.
(07) We do not participate in malevolent or untrue reviews of the reputation or the work of another photographer / videographer.
(08) We, constantly, strive to improve our knowledge and our skills.
(09) We support and help other members of the Association as far as knowledge matters are concerned.
(10) We behave with respect and professionalism to other members of the Association and our colleagues in general.

(01) We represent the best interest of our client.
(02) We protect our clients’ confidential information. Our assistants also respect the confidential and exclusive information.
(03) We provide a written agreement (or assignment) that fully describes the services we are going to provide to the client.
(04) We fulfill all the “promises” of the agreement and we offer a guarantee for our services.
(05) We recommend other members of the Association to our client, when we are not able to undertake an assignment ourselves.
(06) We act fairly and in good
(07) We behave with respect and professionalism to our clients.

(01) We must demonstrate honesty in legal, financial and moral obligations towards our employees and our suppliers.
(2) We do not obtain unfair benefits against our associates.