Do’s and don’ts for the “Yes I do” day… Small details that make the difference…

 In Wedding video

Inform your videographer about the people you want to have in your wedding film, because sometimes it is not quite obvious which guests  are your most beloved ones. For example it is possible that your great grandmother, who has mobility difficulties and a personal assistant to help her, not to be in your wedding film. Even if you approach her and hug her, your videographer may not realize that she is one of your closest relatives. It is possible for your videographer not to realize how close other relatives are, either. That’s why you should indicate to him/her which of your guests are the most important for you.

You should also ask your guests not to make your videographer’s work hard.

Avoid smoking and chewing gum. Also try not to make strange face expressions that would look foolish later. The videographer often does not include awkward moments of you in the film, but you need to help him/her too.

If you’d like to make a speech that should be recorded, inform your videographer before hand, in order for him not to miss it. Even if you decide it spontaneously, don’t forget to inform your videographer.

You should also arrange a table at your reception venue for your videographer. His/her table should be near to yours in order your videographer to have the chance to capture all the special and spontaneous moments. Additionally, you should also arrange a parking space for your videographer in order for his/her equipment to  be safe.  

Think and plan everything in advance so as to let your mind free on your wedding day. The professionals you have chosen know exactly what they have to do either because you have given them instructions or because you have told them to improvise. Act normally and enjoy your wedding day!!