Fireworks! For a fairytale wedding …

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More and more couples choose to have fireworks on their wedding day, so we have gathered some very useful tips for you!

1) It is important to choose the appropriate type of fireworks depending on the location (indoors or outdoors), the time and the type of the event.

 2) The inspection of the venue is absolutely needed by the person who is in charge of the fireworks as often firing fireworks at churches, surrounded by dense vegetation is not only dangerous but also prohibited.

 3) Set the time carefully for the firework display so you and your guest enjoy the performance.    

 4) Ιt is important, that the person you will hire for your firework show, is licensed by the Greek Police.

5) Last but not least, don’t forget to tell your photographer and videographer about the firework happening and the detailed timetable so they have the time to prepare accordingly and capture for you some great images that they will make you never forget your wedding day.