Hiring a videographer is more important than you might think

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Recently I found myself  looking through some old boxes at my family’s home, in order to bring back to light my father’s old machines. After finding old agfa, kodak, & zenit cameras, I came across a box with the cine 8mm in it. Beside the camera, I also found several old rolls of film. Family moments was the theme in most of them, while in others, classic westerns and animated Lucky Luke or Asterix! A larger film, in a nice plastic case, drew my attention.  I wasn’t sure if I had seen and it again before and I  was wondering what it could be.

Motivated by my curiosity, I started cleaning the projector and turned it on. what a miracle…It worked! But the surprises did not stop and a few minutes later I could not believe my eyes. I saw images of one of our neighbor’s daughter’s engagement back in 1963 but they didn’t look like the usual images of family films that I remember. Not only they had better sharpness and motion, but they were also in color. I was watching the silent images passing before me and listening to the typical sound of the projector gears, totally speechless.

I saw my parents in their youth, my relatives and friends, my sisters and many of those who are no longer with us. I saw my grandfather I had never met, my grandmother in the current age of my mother today, my father at the age I am now. I even recognized the members of the band that was entertaining the guests… I have the impression they were some well known musicians back then.   

I asked my mother how the film ended in our possession and she told me that the neighbor had hired a professional filmmaker to shoot the engagement, but he dint have a projector in order to watch the film at his house, so he used to watch it at our place. 

Even though engagement or wedding shooting, nowadays, is something very common, back then it was something unusual, even revolutionary.

Back to today and as my older sister’s wedding anniversary was a few days ago, I wondered how important it would be for her own daughters to go back in time, to the wedding day of their parents. I wondered how nice it would be to have her own wedding on film. Only just a

Before the internet era, it was not very common to hire a filmmaker for your wedding. I do not even remember if there was a professional photographer in the church. Of course there are pictures that the newlyweds and their close relatives had in a famous studio of the  time, immediately after the wedding, but those photos were the typical, expected in which the whole family poses in a classic background and nothing more.

I wonder how much joy they would feel after all these years if there was a film of their wedding day. Wouldn’t it be priceless? Wouldn’t it be great to watch it along with their kids and grandchildren?

After all those years, and being a professional videographer myself, my experience has taught me that the decision of not having a professional video on their wedding day, is something that all the couples regret and feel sorry about it.