The importance of the wedding photoalbum

 In Wedding photography

Quite often, during my appointments with couples that are going to get married, I hear them talk to each other and say ‘let’s skip the photo album, we have many other expenses for the wedding” or “the most important thing is to get the photos’ digital archive”. They think that, what really counts is to get a dvd disc or a usb stick full of photos in order to print just a few of them and have 3 or 4 frames decorating their home. It is quite understandable that the wedding albums are quite pricey, but their cost is due to the fact that they are hand-made albums having professional high quality paper and it is very difficult to create something like this if you are not a professional yourself. But let me skip the financial part of this matter.

I will tell you a story… My story…

My parents got married in 1979 and from an early age I remember myself spending many afternoons browsing their wedding album again and again. Their album has exactly 32 photographs and if I close my eyes I can remember clearly each one of them like they are in front of me right now. The reason I remember them so clearly is that I have seen them hundreds of times since I can remember myself as a child until recently when I last visited my parents’ house. It fascinates me to see my parents young, my grandfather and grandmother besides them, my uncles and my older cousins by their side. Looking through their album, is like traveling back in time and I feel that I was there too.

Today, 35 years later, I feel exactly the same thrill when I look at the album, even though it is rather old now and the pictures have faded. These pictures make me feel close to my father, although he is not with us any more, close to my grandparents, and to my uncle. These photos can make me go back in time. So I suggest that you don’t compromise with only 3 or 4 printed photos. When you, yourselves become parents, your children will also spend time trying to discover things, photos and moments from the past. Don’t settle with only a usb or a disc… In thirty years from today computers may be not the same, maybe they will not even have usb or dvd ports.

Nowadays, newly married couples get about a thousand photos of their wedding from their photographer, plus those ones that friends and relatives shoot with their own cameras. Do you think you will remember more than 10 photos if you do not print some of them? Just a few years ago, I also received more than one thousand photos of my own wedding, but if you ask me how many of them I can remember now, I would answer that I remember only the ones that are printed in my wedding album. I spend time with my little daughters looking at my wedding album, sharing with them all the love, emotions and memories from that day.

I fully understand that the extra cost of an album, especially nowadays, is something difficult to handle, but try to save the extra amount for the album by limiting the cost of something else. Try to evaluate what it is important for you to have from that special day. And really, do trust me … offer this gift to yourselves, to your children and to your grandchildren … because one day, many years later, when your little ones will be sneaking into your library and taking a look at your wedding album, their joy will be priceless.