How NOT to choose your wedding photographer

 In Wedding photography

1. I have a friend who knows how to take pictures!

Wedding photography is a special kind of photography. Special lighting, good handling of the camera in difficult lighting conditions, good equipment, preparation before the wedding, ability and image processing capability, backup hardware and many other details are things that only a professional wedding photographer can offer you.

Almost everyone has a friend who is an amateur photographer and takes great holiday pictures, amazing landscape images or even stunning portraits. He may even offer you to photograph your wedding day for free! Although it sounds good, don’t be tempted! The zero cost will not compensate you in case you don’t get the pictures you had imagined.

2. The website is AMAZING!

In the digital age we live in, most professionals have invested time and money in order to have a stylish website that represents them satisfyingly. This does not mean that the website should be the only reason that you will choose your wedding photographer… It is just not enough! The wedding photographer will be with you for many hours on one of the most important days of your life, so it is good to know him personally, to feel that he can understand your needs and it is important to spend some time with him talking about your day in detail and about your expectations from him and his work.

3. He is cheap!

No one can blame a couple that’s getting married for having a low budget or for trying to organize something beautiful and economical too. But do not let a cheap price be your only deciding factor without taking into consideration the photographer’s style, because it is possible to come up with a result as “cheap” as its price. Your wedding is a very important occasion to end up with images that you wouldn’t like to share with anyone. Check the photographer’s style and the services are provided at the offer he/she gave you. Research on the internet and make sure you chose what is right for you.

4. Ηe shoots over 150 weddings a year!

In this case the numbers do not match … it’s simple: the year has 52 weekends and if you take into consideration that weddings mostly take place during summer, it is easy to realize that just one photographer can not work on so many weddings. For this to happen, many studios hire photographers in order to undertake many weddings. Of course, a good studio carefully chooses their partners in order to achieve the best results. However it is important for you to know if the photographer you have chosen will shoot your wedding himself/herself. Check his/her portfolio carefully and do talk with the photographer who will actually shoot your wedding in order to discuss all the details.

5. I will get all the original material!

Our wedding is a very important moment in our lives. So, we want to have all the photos in order to choose which ones we will share and which ones not. But it is not as simple as that. Professional photographers shoot thousands of pictures during a wedding day to ensure that they have captured the right moment. Moreover, professional photographers usually shoot at raw format, so powerful computers and professional software and hardware are needed in order for the memory cards to be read. Plus, think about these things too: Do you have the equipment in order to read the memory cards? Do you have the time to do that? Who will edit the photos? What about the photobooks? A good and experienced professional wedding photographer spends hundreds of hours selecting and editing. Trust him/her and enjoy the best result you can get!

The last thing you need on your wedding day is stress and anxiety. So choose carefully the ideal photographer for you not only by taking into consideration all the reasons that are mentioned above plus his/her artistic point of view, but also by taking into consideration the “chemistry” and the level of communication you have. You deserve the best result, that’s why you should choose your wedding photographer with the same attention you will choose every other wedding detail for this special day, if not more. 

Live every single moment of your wedding day and let the right professional to capture your moments and create memories that will make you smile or even bring you tears of emotion…