Photobooth! The new wedding trend!

 In Organizing your wedding

A new trend comes from aboard and makes your wedding full of laughter and pleasant moments with your family and friends.

Many couples have chosen the photobooth experience for their upcoming wedding. 

The small darkroom you often see outside photo shops or popular public places, promises to give your wedding an extra sense of fun.

Let us walk you through and see if the photobooth experience is ideal for you and for your wedding.

Why should I have a photobooth in my wedding?

* Because your guests, not only take their photos but they also get them in print on your wedding day, before they leave the party.

* You as the couple, will get all the crazy photos printed and autographed by your friends in a beautiful album with wishes and photos, an awesome reminder of all the fun you had on your wedding day

* There is a great range of prices for the photobooth services, one will surely fit your needs and budget.

* Because you will have some unforgettable, funny, laughing moments with your favorite people.

* Because photobooth service is the new wedding trend and you will be one of the first people will have it at their wedding.

* Because it is something unique and will for sure make an impression to relatives and friends.

* It is a great way to make your wedding party fun and exciting for all.

How can I have a photobooth at my wedding?

You can rent one. The price varies and depends on many factors.

When is the best time to make use of the photobooth?

Usually during the wedding party. The couple and the guests can share unforgettable moments full of joy and of laughter that they will never forget.

What services are offered when you rent a photobooth?

You can decorate your photobooth according to the colors, the decoration and the whole theme of your wedding.