You and your photographer must “click”

 In Wedding photography

If finding your wedding photographer was a sound…. that sound would be … “click”!

The magical sound that happens inside you when you see a photographer’s portfolio you really like. 

The magical sound that happens the decisive moment when the photographer presses the shutter button and keeps the memories of your wedding day alive forever.

As you understand a couple has much more in common with the photographer as it could ever imagine!

After having found the photographer that made you click, the best thing is to send him/her an e-mail telling some simple things such as:

** Where and when the wedding takes place. Firstly, in order to know if the photographer is available on that date and secondly because many photographers don’t cover other areas outside their base.

** If your wedding is morning or evening one.

** If you’d like something else besides the bride’s and groom’s preparation to be covered.

** The venue of the wedding reception/party.

** If you’d like to have your wedding to be filmed as well.

** Finally, it would be very nice to write down the characteristics of his/her work that “clicked” you (… awwww this sound again!).

If you do all these, I promise you that the next “click” you will hear will be the shutter button’s! 

Make your photographer understand, with a simple e-mail, from your heart, that you appreciate the art of photography and it is not something you must have at your wedding because everyone has but it’s something you want to have because you honestly value the art of photography.