Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Association?

It is an attempt to get all the wedding photographers and videographers together in order to improve the conditions of our profession.

What the Association is not?

It is not another association dominated by syndicalims.
It is not another one speculative business in order to exploit
photographers and videographers for its own benefit.
It is not a small group of photographers with common characteristics.

Why should I participate?

• Because one of the Association’s main purposes is to promote its members to the general public and to potential customers in particular and to ensure the economic development of each member.

• Because you want to be a member of a community consisted of other people of the same profession.

• Because you want to save money thanks to the special prices that the Association gains.

• Because you want to learn, to evolve, to be trained and improve, all the time.

• Because you want to be recognized (by the general public) as a (distinct/specialized) professional in wedding photography/videography.

• Because you believe that when all the professionals are together, can deal more effectively with the challenges and difficulties of our profession.

What is the subscription fee?

The registration fee and the annual subscription amount (according to the initial calculations that the volunteer group had made) for the first year is set at:

Registration: 40 €
Annual subscription: 150 €

Special case: For related members or partners (relevant documents to demonstrate the relationship between them, are necessary), the second person’s registration and subscription will be as follows:
A) registration (40 €)
B) subscription: half the annual subscription.

So overall for the first year (if no special case is due):
Registration: 40 Euros
Annual subscription: 150 Euros

Total: 190 Euro per each member (photographer or videographer)

Why is there a registration fee?

The registration fee reflects to the initial costs of registering and sustaining of all the legal permits.

Why are the costs so high?

Because all the substantial actions will be made by the Association have a cost, such as: a very good and updated site addressed to brides and grooms, an employee/coordinator who will take care of the effective functioning of the Association and many more that are described, in detail, in the benefits section.

Who consist the administrative team?

It is the team that runs the Association. It was elected during the first General Convention and is composed of 5 members:
The Administrative Team, is as follows:

a. President – John Gkoutzouris

b. Head of Finance matters – Athanasios Androutsopoulos

c. Head of Promotion and Marketing – Monika Kritikou

d. Head of Photographic Issues – Dimitrios Papaioannou

e. Head of Videographic Issues – Aliki Koronaiou

When a person is qualified to be a member?

Α person is qualified to be a member if both conditions are fulfilled:

I. He/She is registered as a professional photographer or videographer at the Tax Office
II. He/She has a professional photographic or videographic website running.

Why photographers and videographers belong to the same Association?

• Because we deal with the same subject.

• Because we are facing the same challenges.

• Because we co-operate in our work.

• Because the more we are, the more power we have.

The Association regards photographers and videographers across Greece?

Yes, the Association concerns photographers and videographers all over Greece and there are no geographical limitations.

If I’m already a member of a local professional club, can I become a member of the Association?

Of course, if you meet the conditions that the Association has set for the new members.