The membership benefits are divided into three categories according to the number of members the Association will have :
Α: The minimum required (very few members)
Β: Normal mode (several members)
Γ: Substantial difference (several members)

Benefits A

  • Use of the Association’s Logo on the personal website and/or store
  • Discounts at suppliers and services
  • Association’s Representation in blogs / magazines etc. Control of web or traditional media information in order for the Union to intervene in cases of misinformation
  • Receive alerts for opportunities, seminars, discounts, new products, events at international level
  • Internet directory on the Association’s website
  • Special prices for seminars, products, agencies and services, even custom-made products with logo (eg bags, etc.)
  • Central Agreement with companies to hire equipment at preferential prices and fast speed of response in case of gear breakdowns, etc. lenses.
  • Annual report with information / research on the marriage market situation, indicators etc.
  • Bride Research Report – to be issued once a year and comes after research quantitative couples who married the previous year (carried out by the Union)
  • Social work (donation, event coverage of children with disabilities, etc.)
  • Mandatory Adoption of the Union’s Code of Principles that will accompany each member’s work
  • Service of calendar availability for the Union’s members (voluntary participation)

Benefits B (in addition to the “Benefits A”)

  • Annual Conference / high-level seminar or series of training workshops at low cost for specialized photography topics, and filming
  • Participation in closed, members only, forum
  • Meetings of members (at least 2 annual) at which photographers-members of the Association discuss certain issues, exchange information etc.
  • Receive alerts & information on tax, accounting and legal matters that are critical for the business operation.
  • Free access to the Association’s accountant and lawyer for advice on-demand
  • Certification / Qualifications – employability competence acquisition since the member’s participation in the Association has completed at least 3 years
  • Agreement with insurance companies for assistance in a specialized insurance package (for equipment) at low cost
  • Contract Legal Protection with Insurance Company in case of conflicts
  • Free participation in annual competitions (with fair use type limit)

Benefits C (extra benefits)

  • Association’s advertising campaigns in order to upgrade and promote the wedding photography and filming (in total as a service) in Greece.
  • Participation in wedding exhibitions
  • …and many more…