The Greek Association of Wedding Photographers and Videographers is a non-profit association and its members are all legal professionals who specialize in Wedding Photography and Cinematography.

Why become a member

10 good reasons why every professional photographer/videographer should become a member of the “Association”:

  1. Because it is a team of professionals that all of them are 100% legal and share common business practices.
  2. Because they have decided that they all together want to make some substantial actions in order to improve the image of wedding photographers and videographers.
  3. Because they conduct surveys and utilize the information they get through their clients in order to determine their strategy.
  4. Because they interfere to articles that disparage wedding photograhy and/or wedding  photographers-videographers.χ
  5. Because they organize meetings and small workshops focused on areas of interest in order to support each other to fill knowledge gaps they may have.
  6. Beacause they have a constructive view of things, they collect and filter recommendations for what should be done for the level of wedding services to be proved.
  7. Because they consist a strong network in which each member recommends other members to clients for dates has no availability itself.
  8. Because they try to achieve better prices for products and services based on aggregation of demand.
  9. Because they receive professional advice as far as critical tax and other important matters are concerned.
  10. Because the Association is a companionship that works POSITIVE instead of chasing ‘windmills’ blaming everyone else but itself.